Play Guitar In 21 Days

Play a new all-time classic song every day.

Join the 21-Day Guitar Challenge

The Only 21-Day Live Program Specifically Designed For Beginners Where You Will :

  • Learn to play a song on guitar from day 1
  • Learn how to strum quickly
  • Learn to play on beat
  • Learn how to overcome the physical pain that comes when learning to play for the first time. 
  • Join a like-minded active community of people on the same journey. 
  • Enjoy your first live performance with your guitar classmates after day 21 for your graduation.

Cameron USA 35

"- I thought I would be learning just plain boring songs but maan I was playing John Legend songs in no time!"

Mirco Lieffertz DE (40)

"- Before finding this I felt I was getting nowhere, I loved how it makes it so easy to understand."

Judith R. DE (25)

"- Fun and easy!, For the first time in my life I feel I can finally play guitar!"

Meet Fernando, a guitar teacher with:

  • 20 years of experience helping beginners play music
  • 6 million views on YouTube
  • 31k followers on Facebook
  • Students in 40 Cities worldwide 
  • Numbers don't lie. Fernando has devoted his life to show that ANYONE can play a song in 10 minutes with a revolutionary way of learning the guitar in less time than you think.

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